Raped by my examination

Well good morning/afternoon/evening to whoever’s reading this! Decided to start writing longer stories on what’s happening in my life, compared to the short random posts I’ve been posting up! Hopefully someone reads this, but apart from people reading this,¬†I know that someday I would want to read this too!

Hahaha well, it’s night here now, but I promise, no late night thoughts for today! So I planned to get up at 6am to head to my school’s library to complete my lab reports and -start- studying for the CA which I had later on in the afternoon. So guess what, this person who rarely snoozed his alarms chose this very fortunate day to snooze his alarm. BOOHOO.

Woke up late, travelled to school and met two buddies along the way. Rushed through the report and the referencing sucked as a result. Oh dear lord I don’t hope I get called out for plagiarism. Good thing that the reports had to be submitted in hard copy though. Phew. Now I just hope that my (favourite) TA does not decide to check on the references. Or I’d be screwed -big- time. So by the time I submitted it was already noon and that left me two hours to -start- studying for my CA. Note the word, start. Yeap. So, as usual, nothing was absorbed in that unfortunate two hours and I went for an exam feeling super unprepared. When it ended, I was SO relieved though. Nope, I’m still probably gonna flunk it but well, finally hell week is over! It’s finally Friday and I can afford to take a (mini) break because the next submission is only two weeks from now. I do have to study for another examination (next thurs) though. Argh, really can’t wait for the semester to end.

On a brighter note, the #SOWmates are finally meeting up tomorrow! SOW is the Science Orientation Week that is held in my university, and I decided (very reluctantly) to join the committee. Reluctant not because I did not wanna be a part of it, rather, reluctant because I always have little faith in myself, that I’m capable of being in a planning committee and get work done. Well, it proves to be one of the best decisions I’ve made this sem as they are one of the nicest bunch of people I’ve met. And some people inside the comm are just awesomepossumballs. (This was the group of people I was raving about in my blog posts earlier ūüôā ) So tomorrow, I’ll finally get to learn who is in my committee. Gosh I do love every single one of them but I’m secretly hoping I’d be able to get along with them very well. First time being in charge of a team, God please be nice to me!


Thank you

You know how sometimes only a certain bunch of people can make your day better? I mean, no matter how much others try it just doesn’t cut it, you just /need/ some people’s presence to make you feel better? Even the simplest thing they say can brighten up your day. No I’m not talking about love, I’m talking about a friend. Same difference, actually. Well, today’s really a happy day. Because I’m happy. IDK what it is, but I feel like I’m worth something when these people are around me. Best part is you probably don’t know how much I appreciate it. You’re doing it subconsciously. But I -really- appreciate it. I wish nothing changes. Yes, with work coming in-between our friendship I’m pretty sure something might go wrong. But every time I look at this blog post, I’ll remind myself that this friendship was worth it, and that will serve as an important reminder to myself to never give up easily. Thanks for caring.

Afire love

Just stumbled onto this song while I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s playlist. Yeap, I love him but I don’t know every of his song. Anyways, I was listening to this song in the library and subconsciously started tearing. Really, really a sad song. If only death was inevitable, if only we could live without seeing people close to us being snatched away. But I guess no one will be able to escape the pain of losing someone.

Darling, hold me in your arms the way you did last night
And we’ll lie inside for a little while, here oh
I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
And we’re wrapped in light, in life, in love
Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut
For they’re designed to be together, oh
With your body next to mine our hearts will beat as one
And we’re set alight, we’re afire love

Ed Sheeran ‚̧

Ed Sheeran is coming to Singapore on 14th March!! We met 30 minutes before the online tickets sale, trying to get 6 tickets to watch his concert and we managed to get seats! Whoop whoop! Buying tickets to his concert wasn’t easy though, and we didn’t really get the seats we wanted. But it’s still worth it! I just love Ed Sheeran, so much, and its mostly due to the fact that he really sings with his soul. No doubt I’m gonna be a tear bucket on that day.

And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me‚ÄĒI fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

Life’s better now

It’s been a very interesting day, I have to admit. Started out -pretty- bad with my practical examination going in the wrong direction. For those who know what a Gram Stain is…yeap it’s a bitch. Especially when you realise you missed a step. So I was so upset after the exam, because I had no time to complete that damn paper. When my friend asked me how it was I almost teared. Almost.

But the day got much, -much- better. IDK why but I just really enjoy spending time with these people. Sure, it brings back memories, memories that I do not wish to re-live, but my friend once told me, live life for the moment. Now as I pen down my thoughts I recollect that phrase and it makes absolute sense. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt upset, and the past few days were pretty rough. But I have faith it will get better. On a side-note, I -need- to curb my love for food oh my goodness. Two bubble teas, two burgers and a meal on.the.same.day. HOLY SHIT. Okay okay, but where on Earth do I find an exercise buddy :/

I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
And out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now

How to save a life

1. Love¬†2. Listen¬†3. Breathe¬†4. Imagine¬†5. Let it go¬†6. Believe¬†7. Forgive¬†8. Hold still¬†9. Hold close¬†10. Amaze yourself¬†11. Remember¬†12. Make yourself secure¬†13. Make everyone secure¬†14. Take it back¬†15. Let it go¬†16. Dream¬†17. Fear¬†18. Talk to someone¬†19. Don’t lie¬†20. Don’t pretend¬†21. Trust yourself¬†22. Cry¬†23. Accept¬†24. Don’t hurt yourself¬†25. Don’t hurt anyone¬†26. Keep moving¬†27. Regret¬†28. Forget¬†29. Make peace¬†30. Make love¬†31. Banish wars¬†32. Banish hate¬†33. Be free¬†34. Feel free¬†35. Stand still¬†36. Don’t be scared of death¬†37. Have faith¬†38. Admire¬†39. Stand strong¬†40. Surrender¬†41. Dance¬†42. Smile¬†43. Laugh¬†44. Break¬†45. Touch¬†46. Have secrets¬†47. Share secrets¬†48. Know secrets¬†49. Relieve¬†50. Don’t lie to yourself¬†51. Release¬†52. Run¬†53. Learn¬†54. Leave¬†55. Trust others¬†56. Question¬†57. Be kind¬†58. Keep your memories¬†59. Don’t forget¬†60. Kiss¬†61. Hug¬†62. Scream out¬†63. Be true¬†64. Admit¬†65. Live¬†66. Release the fear¬†67. Secure¬†68. Give¬†69. Leave a legacy¬†70. Make a difference¬†71. Change the world¬†72 Share¬†73. Have passion¬†74. Fulfill your purpose¬†75. Pray¬†76.Repent¬†7.Be Baptized¬†78. Receive the Holy Spirit¬†79. Be like Jesus¬†80. Believe¬†81.Have Faith .¬†82.Heal the sick¬†83.Feed the poor¬†84.Hold a child¬†85. Smile to everyone you meet¬†86. Open up¬†87.Sing¬†88.Be thankful¬†89.Encourage others¬†90.Walk with God¬†91.Worship¬†92.Sell out for the Kingdom¬†93.Be prepared¬†94.Win a soul¬†95.Know your identity¬†96.Be humble¬†97.Watch what you say¬†98. Pray for wisdom¬†99. Say goodbye