I’m not an easy person to be with. I know that. I probably won’t even try to make it easy for you. I’ll be really difficult at times. It may seem like, at times, I don’t want you, and I don’t like you, but I do. I’ll be a challenge. Because I’m not the type of person who people walk all over. I’m not the person who puts up with bullshit. I’m not the person who will give you sympathy comments. When I say something, I mean it. If people are assholes to me, I throw them out of my life. I’m annoying, I’m hilarious, and I’m the world’s biggest jerk. I’ll make you want to scream and punch walls, I’ll ruin your day and save it at the very last minute. I’ll drive you crazy and sometimes you’ll hate my guts. But even though all that’s going to happen, and I swear it will, I have an amazing side to me. I do. I have a giant heart. I’ll always be there when you need me. Even if my life is impossibly knotted, I’ll try and untangle yours by listening and loving. I won’t stop caring about you, not even if you push me away. You’re different from everyone else, I like that. It’s refreshing to find someone different in the world because way too many people are all the same.



After so many seasons, the guy finally gets the girl. They spend a couple of episodes together. Then the guy dies. The guy gets trapped in this purgatory and the girl, who can’t bear his absence, wipes out every single good memory of him, via the compulsion of their mutual friend. When she starts to think she hates him for who he is, he finally comes back from purgatory and is alive. But to her, he is everything she despised. And finally when she is prepared for her memories to return to her, the only way possible for her memories to come back is destroyed. Now, they are nothing but strangers. I hate you Vampire Diaries. Really do. /angst

Afire love

Just stumbled onto this song while I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s playlist. Yeap, I love him but I don’t know every of his song. Anyways, I was listening to this song in the library and subconsciously started tearing. Really, really a sad song. If only death was inevitable, if only we could live without seeing people close to us being snatched away. But I guess no one will be able to escape the pain of losing someone.

Darling, hold me in your arms the way you did last night
And we’ll lie inside for a little while, here oh
I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
And we’re wrapped in light, in life, in love
Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut
For they’re designed to be together, oh
With your body next to mine our hearts will beat as one
And we’re set alight, we’re afire love

Falling in love

It’s when you feel like every bit of you wants to be with that someone. Everytime you listen to a love song your subconscious just brings up an image of her in your mind. You get jealous so easily. You want to protect that one person. Your happiness depends on that person; my, your day goes bad when her day goes bad. It sucks when you know you were never meant to be with her. Yet at the same time, you’d rather feel that temporal love than feel nothing at all.